All works marked * are available for purchase from the Australian Music Centre


'Penelope Hymns' – for soprano solo & sinfonietta orchestra, 2015. Premiered April 2015 at Kilbourn Hall, the Eastman School – approx. 12 minutes

‘Fountain of Steel’ – for sinfonietta orchestra, 2011. Premiered November 2011 at Kilbourn Hall, the Eastman School – approx. 8 minutes
(also arranged for classical symphony orchestra, November 2011)  

‘Buy A Copy’ (of the Big Issue) – for chamber orchestra and solo percussion, 2009-2010. Premiered in January 2010 at Llewellyn Hall, ANU – approx. 6 minutes

‘An Influence of Light’  – concertino for piano and chamber orchestra, 2009 – approx. 12 minutes.

‘In the Soul, the Night Time Echoes’ – for orchestra, 2009. Premiered by the Ku-ring-gai Philharmonic, March 2009) – approx. 12 minutes


Musings on Le Dodo - for solo harpsichord, 2019. Commissioned by Sideband & premiered by Stephanie McCallum at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, September 17, 2019.

*'Dreams in Shadow' - for soprano saxophone solo, 2018. Commissioned by Phil Pierick & premiered at the X Mallorca Saxophone Festival at the Miró Mallorca Fundació, Mallorca Spain, March 2018. 6 minutes

*'Tears Stream Through Water' –  a quartet for prepared piano, guitar, flute, and alto saxophone, 2016. Composed for Ensemble Ritsos & premiered as a trio in July 2016 in Athens, Greece, and as a quartet in October 2016 at Kent State University (Stark), USA – approx. 4 minutes

'Everything Flowing' – for instrumental septet, 2016. Commissioned by Music in the American Wild & performed throughout the US National Parks in 2016 to mark the centenary of their founding – approx. 9 minutes

'Overture' to SIX SEEDS – a chamber opera for clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, percussion, violin, and double bass, 2016. Composed for the Deviant Septet for the Warren Benson Forum on Creativity, April 2016, Hatch Recital Hall – approx. 5 minutes

*'Sonata' – for solo piano, 2016/17. I. We Ate the Stars II. Cardinal Spada's Gallery III. Vanishing Point, Commissioned by the Australia Council and composed for Australian pianist Bernadette Harvey. Premiered at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Sydney, November, 2017.

'Into the Moonlight' – an incidental suite for flute, clarinet, saxophone, guitar, violin, and piano, 2015. Premiered in July 2015 in Karlovasi Samos – approx. 10 minutes

'Etudes I-IV – four miniatures for solo guitar, 2015/2016. Premiered by Josinaldo Costa in Bihac, Bosnia in June, 2015 – approx. 5 minutes   

'The Adventures of Billie the Explorer Duck' – ten small pieces for young pianist and narrator, 2014. Premiered in November 2014, Kilbourn Hall – approx. 16 minutes

'SOMA' – for clarinet, violoncello, and piano, 2014. Premiered in April 2014, Hatch Hall, The Eastman School of Music – approx. 7 minutes

‘An American Rapture’ – for organ and amplified harpsichord, 2011. Premiered September 2011 at Christ Church, Rochester NY – approx. 6.5 minutes

‘Dip It’ – for the Cuong-Vu Trio, 2011. Premiered in March 2011 in Hatch Recital Hall, Rochester NY – approx. 10 minutes

‘Meditation’ – solo flute, 2010. Premiered by Emlyn Johnson in October 2010 in Kilbourn Hall, the Eastman School – approx. 4 minutes

‘Tempus’ – for solo piano, 2010. Premiered by Stephen Whale in June 2010 – broadcast by 2MBS FM Sydney – approx. 5 minutes

‘Hic Haec Hocket’ – for Bb trumpet, trombone, tuba and amplified piano four hands, 2009. Premiered at the Sydney Conservatorium in November 2009 – approx. 4 minutes

‘Angular Meditation’ – for solo harp, 2009. Written and workshopped at Bowdoin in June 2009 – approx. 5 minutes

‘Homage’ – for solo alto flute with piano pedal, 2009. Premiered at the Bowdoin International Music Festival, August 2009 – approx 6 minutes

‘Jangular Carillons’ – string quartet, 2009. Premiered at the Sydney Conservatorium, June 2009 – approx. 4 minutes

‘Confessio a Poeta’ – for mixed sextet, 2008. – approx. 14 minutes

‘Three Impish Dances’ – for Bb clarinet, bass clarinet and contrabass clarinet, 2008. Performed at 60 SECS, 2008 – approx. 1 minute (60 seconds)

‘Entropia’ – for 2 pianos, 2008. Premiered at SECS for 2, June 2009

‘A Polystylistic Duet for Bipolar Musicians’ – a comic duet for piano and Bb clarinet, 2008. Premiered at the Sydney Conservatorium in June 2008 – approx. 4 minutes

‘String Quartet No.1’, 2007. Premiered at the 2008 SECS Concert, Strung Up – approx. 7 minutes

‘Ethereal Dances’ – Duo for bass recorder and guitar, 2007. Workshopped by the Dutch Duo, Bosgraaf and Elias – approx. 10 minutes


Nineteen to the Dozen - a new work for The Song Company. Premiered by the Song Company, Sydney Opera House, October 22, 2019.

Songs of Resignation: Four Settings of C.P. Cavafy, 2019 - for soprano & piano. Premiered by Helen Zhibing Huang, soprano & Ada Arumeh Kim Lowery, piano at SCEGGS Darlinghurst, Sydney October 2019.

*Et Exultavit, 2019 - for mezzo-soprano, chamber organ & cello. Premiered by Anna Dowsley, mezo-soprano; James Doig, chamber organ; & Chris Bennett, cello, Christ Church St Laurence, Sydney, March 2019.

* 'Subway Songs' - for baritone & alto flute, 2017. Premiered by Isaac Assor, baritone & Caroline Sonett, alto flute, Kilbourn Hall, October 2017.

*'The Lynx Project Songbook' - for mezzo soprano & piano, 2017. Premiered by Megan Moore, mezzo-soprano & Matthew Umphreys, piano, Mason Middle School, OH, October 2017. 
*'La Tessitrice' – for soprano and piano, 2016. Premiered by Paulina Swierczek, soprano & Daniel Baer, piano, Kilbourn Hall, September 2016 – approx. 4 minutes 

* 'Wonder' – for baritone and piano, 2014. Broadcast by ABC Classic FM on April 25, 2015 - approx. 4 minutes

* 'Songs for a Day: Three Settings of Yannis Ritsos' – for soprano, piano, violoncello, and flute, 2014. I. Suddenly was premiered in July at the Megaron, Athens. The complete cycle received its premiere in December 2014 at Kilbourn Hall, The Eastman School of Music – approx. 10 minutes

'Luriana Lurilee' – for tenor and piano, 2014. Premiered on March 27 in Hatch Hall, the Eastman School of Music – approx. 7 minutes (also arranged for soprano

'Athena' – for tenor, violoncello, and piano, 2013. Premiered in June 2013 at the Orpheum Annex, Vancouver – approx. 6 minutes

*'Seasonal Flocking' – for soprano and percussion, 2012. Premiered in April 2012 at Kilbourn Hall, the Eastman School – approx. 10 minutes

‘Aubade’ – song cycle for mezzo-soprano and piano, 2011. Premiered September 2011 at Kilbourn Hall, the Eastman School – approx. 28 minutes

‘Five Short Songs’ – for mezzo soprano and Greek Chorus, 2009. Workshopped at Bowdoin in July 2009 – approx. 6 minutes

‘Selections from Chaos of Delight’ – arranged for SSATB choir, 2009 – approx. 8 minutes

‘Chaos of Delight’ – for SSATBarB soloists/choir, May 2009 – approx. 16 minutes

‘A Lullaby and Three Laments’ – for SATB choir, 2008. Workshopped in January 2009 – approx. 12 minutes

‘Spider on the Snow’ – for SSA choir and piano, 2007. Premiered in June 2009 at the City of Sydney Eisteddfod by the SCEGGS Darlinghurst Madrigal choir – approx. 4 minutes


Incidental music for Yannis Ritsos's Moonlight Sonata – for flute, clarinet, saxophone, guitar, violin, and piano, 2015, (premiered in Karlovasi Samos on August 1 2015, and performed in English again at The Eastman School of Music on February 16, 2016)